Pipe Fitter (CGD) course is aimed at providing job oriented Skill Training enabling students to acquire the skill sets required by City Gas Distribution Industry and earn competitive employability advantage.

The Pipe Fitter (CGD) course shall cover the following major topics: Natural Gas & its Properties, Fitting, Welding Basics, Electro-fusion Welding, Pipe/Sheet Cutting & Threading, Welding of Pipes (Metal Arc/TIG), Pipe Laying, Brazing and Soldering of Pipe Joints, Bending of Pipes, GI Pipe Installation & Clamping, Copper Pipe Installation & Clamping, Installation of Valves, Regulators & Meters, Testing of installed Piping, Positioning of Valves, Regulators & Meters, CGD Line Diagram, Route Selection for GI Pipe Installation, Tools & Equipments for GI Plumbing & Fitting, Conversion of Burner, Material & Threading Details, Safe Working Practices including safety issues for working at Height. Apart from the above topics, the course will impart soft skills and cover behavioural aspects like working effectively in team, Behaviour based Safety Practices and Basic Computer Operations, etc.