Process Instrumentation Operator course is aimed at providing job-oriented skill training in Fluid power system, Accumulators, Valves, Intensifiers [2:1,5:1,25:1] solenoids, Electro-pneumatics and Electro-hydraulics operation and principles. Understanding types of circuits based on 1ᴓ, 3 ᴓ system by hands-on experience; 1 ᴓ Ammeter, 1 ᴓ Voltmeter, 1 ᴓ -3 ᴓ Wattmeter, Bench top and Hand-held meters. Application of electronic devices; Diode, Transistor, UJT Familiarization of advance instruments such as digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), Arbitrary wave form generator, Function generator, Clamp meter, Laser tachometer, Digital panel mount measuring devices. Understanding the principle and applications of sensor; Thermocouple, RTD, NTC, PT -100, Proximity sensor, Optical sensor, Digital sensor, Galvanic skin response (GSR), Touch sensor, Gas sensor, Magnetic sensor etc., Process control by learning Schematic/ Piping and instrumentation Diagram (P &ID) and Basic instrument symbols. Industrial controlling techniques in process control; Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow measuring instruments.  Data acquisition system (DAS). Human machine interface (HMI), Analyzer, Composition, Electrochemical, Gas, Humidity liquid, Dry solids etc. By acquiring data from them automatic control and process dynamics, Digital numbering system, Fieldbus and relationship with instrumentation for signal and data management, Familiarization of operator interface and configuring formats, Control valves, Regulator, Actuator and Electric power controller.  The soldering and De soldering techniques. Safety system in Instrumentation by calibrating, following standard safety techniques, understanding industrial management like 5S, Kaizen, Maintenance and its types, Maintenance Documents Job cards –permits to work –former rich assessment procedures of dispose of waste materials. Diagnostic aids by analysis charts, probability charts.

              Apart from above topics the course shall cover behavioral aspects like team building, safety practices, and etiquettes. Industrial practices like 5S, kaizen and basic computer operations etc.,