Process Instrument Operator course is aimed to provide job-oriented skill training; enabling trainees to acquire the skill sets required by Hydrocarbon Sector in the instrument trade and earn competitive employability advantages.

Course covers the following major topics:

Fluid Power system, Electro-pneumatic and Electro-hydraulics, Understanding the Single phase and Three phase system of circuits, Instruments to measure various electrical parameters, Applications of Electronics, Understanding the principles of Proximity sensor, Optical sensor, Digital Sensor, Galvanic Skin Response (GSR),touch sensor, Gas Sensor,  Gas  Chromatograph, Process Controlling techniques in Process control Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow measuring, Instruments, Data Acquisition system (DAS) Human Machine Interface (HMI),By acquiring from them automatic control and process dynamics, Digital Numbering system field-bus and relationship with instrument for signal and data Managements, Safety system in Instrument by calibrating,following standard safety techniques.PLC Training on