Industrial Electrician trade is aimed at providing trainees with job oriented training in Fundamental Electrical training station, Industrial wiring with proper safety, ADD on drive system for training about AC and DC drives with compatible motors, M-G set(AC to DC ) and M-G set (DC to  AC ), Programmable Logic Control S-7 1200 along with its control panel, IGBT  Thyristor controlled single phase AC Drive, Variable Voltage and Variable frequency (VVFD) 3 phase AC Drive , Motorized Ceiling Fan Coil winding Machines, Break Motor with starter, Flame proof Induction motor, Universal Motor, Single and Three phase isolation Transformers, Single and Three phase variable transformer, Cathode ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Different types of DC power supply, DC Shunt motors , Measuring instruments like Digital Multimeter, Clamp Meter, Phase sequence meter, Single and Three phase energy meters, Frequency meter, Kilo-Watt meter, Hand Driven and Digital megger, Wheatstone bridge for unknown resistance measurement, Tachometer etc. Safety system in Electrician by calibrating, following standard safety techniques, understanding industrial management like 5S, Kaizen, Maintenance and its types, Maintenance Documents Job cards –permits to work –former rich assessment procedures of dispose of waste materials. Diagnostic aids by analysis charts, probability charts.

Apart from above topics the course shall cover behavioral aspects like team building, safety practices, and etiquettes. Industrial practices like 5S, kaizen and basic computer operations etc.,